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Hacks Every Meal-Prepper Should Know

We know that the first step for following a healthier diet, is prepping more meals at home. Cooking your own food allows you to manage your portions, ingredients, and costs more efficiently. We’ve put together a cheat sheet for new meal preppers that will save you time and stress as you begin your meal prep journey!

1. Ignore Egg Dates

It is completely fine to ignore the sell-by-date on your carton of eggs. Don't automatically toss them after that date. Instead, use this test: place an egg in a glass of water: Good eggs sink; bad eggs float.

2. Preserve Your Greens

If your green vegetables are on the verge of going bad, freeze them in a zip-loc freezer bag. Next time you need the greens for a cooked meal just pull them out of the freezer and toss them in.

3. Marinating The Bird

Be sure to pierce your chicken or turkey pieces in order to allow your bird to properly absorb the marinade

4. Perfect your roasted vegetables

Place the pan in the oven as it preheats; when the vegetables hit that hot surface, they get a delicious jump-start on browning.

5. Storing Greens

The paper towels are supposed to absorb excess moisture over time, which keeps the greens drier longer in the fridge — and extends their shelf-life.

6. Freeze an herb mixture in olive oil

You can stock up on herbs, chopped them up, put them in ice cube tray, cover them in olive oil and freeze them. Next time you are cooking something, just drop a cube in.

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