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OM-Kitchen Founder Shares Tips on Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle Through the Weekend

During the workweek, it’s pretty easy to stay on track with your healthy food diet: OM-Kitchen takes care of your prepared meals for the week and so you feel accomplished and light the whole while. But something changes after your last meal Friday night. Weekends mean time to let lose and that translates into eating and drinking too much paired with moving too little. We’ve got tips to help you skip the weekend guilt and keep your weekends enjoyable and lite.

Eat breakfast before brunch.

If you’re brunching at noon, the best way to ensure you don’t overeat is to fuel up before the battle. The goal is to have control over your consumption by eating a healthy breakfast before you enjoy brunch with friends.

Eat healthy foods first

start by loading up on the healthiest items first so you fill up a little before you sample the higher-cal treats.

Squeeze in a longer workout.

The weekend is the perfect time to get that extra mile or add those extra squats. Increase the length and intensity of workouts on the weekends to reduce guilt at the start of the week.

Stick to your usual sleep schedule

Don’t skip sleep!

Limit your drinks.

the calories in beverages can add up quickly if you're not careful. If you’re going to drink, wine is the most calorie-friendly selection; We recommend following hierarchy when choosing alcohol based on potential health benefits (such as antioxidant content): Choose red wine over white wine; choose wine over beer; choose darker-colored beers over lighter-colored beers; and choose beer over liquor and liqueur.

Plan ahead

The number one tip I can offer is to plan ahead. Take a moment Friday after work to consider your weekend so that you can make decisions before you get caught up in the moment. Knowing what’s in store and planning for it can make for a more positive outcome.

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