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Our Mission

Food is meant to be enjoyed and, here, at OM Kitchen, we believe in supplying the fast-paced, busy, professional, with home-cooked meals they will surely enjoy! This is because OM Kitchen assists its consumers with prioritizing their health and time by providing tasty, efficiently-portioned, low sodium, low-fat meals that are prepared from the freshest ingredients imaginable.

OM Kitchen substitutes carbohydrates with healthier ingredients. We also have gluten-free and vegan options available, as well. All delicious meals are cooked and ready-to-eat!

"Make Every Meal A Cheat Meal"

-Odera Macfoy-

Our Story

OM Kitchen was born out of our founder, Oddy Macfoy’s, love for food and conviction that everyone should have access to healthy, well-portioned meals, even when faced with busy lives. He made a commitment to fulfilling the need for healthy food options in urban communities across the country. He believes that healthy food should be tasty and enjoyable. Therefore, he created OM Kitchen's slogan: Make every meal a cheat meal! 


Along with providing healthy homemade meals to our clients, we cater events, including weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties office meetings, sports events, etc. We strive to educate our communities about healthy, eating options by offering healthy cooking classes. We, also, strive to empower the public to make healthy living choices and, overall, better life supporting community causes. That’s why we feed less-privileged community member.  A percentage of every meal with be donated to charity. We call this dedication "the OM Way."


As previously mentioned, our motto is "Make every meal a cheat meal." We do this by providing healthy meals from home cooked recipes from all around the world. Global meal options are important to us because we believe in the importance of diversity and being able to cater and introduce our clients to different cultures. 

We hope that we have made it clear that our meals are made with our clients' health and palate in mind. We have a commitment to meeting our clients' needs wherever and however we can. At OM Kitchen, our clients are treated like; family always takes care of their own. Therefore, Welcome to our ever-growing family!

-Odera Macfoy


CONTACT US Tel: 832-422-8652

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